Join over a million women worldwide who have chosen GENIAL DAY® products. Leave embarrassing rashes, annoying skin irritations, and other unpleasant sensations you might experience during your period behind.

Patented pads and liners with FAR-IR ANION strip


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  • Organic cotton

  • Free of harmfull chemicals

  • Nots tested on animals

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Recognized in the US

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Innovation, comfort, and function are our main focus when developing new products. Here science meets nature for better hygiene, health protection, and freshness. Several our products are patented.

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Organic and Hypoallergenic

Dermatological, skin patch, and cytotoxicity tests as well as our clients’ reviews show no evidence of skin irritation. You won't find fragrances in any of our products. They all have a skin-friendly pH, are free of toxic chemicals, and are OEKO-TEX®, VEGAN, and Made for Health® certified.

Awards & Certificates

It's my story

I was like many other women who hated their periods. I was constantly having yeast infections. But 12 years ago the love story between my period and I started with GENIAL DAY® pads. Now I am on a mission to bring harmony and balance to your period too...

My story

We are on a mission

By purchasing GENIAL DAY® products, you are contributing to the support of girls and women who have faced difficult challenges in life.

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Reviews from Genial Women

WOW, amazing, super comfortable, 100% effective, total protection...

  • Genial Day Menstrual Pads

    "I've used these for a full two months now and I don't plan to ever go back to what I used in the past. I'd begun to have some problems that were apparently caused by the pads I was using. I feel so much better with genial day."


  • Genial Day Menstrual Pads, Menstrual Box, Period Kit

    "Having this product in my life has greatly changed the quality of my period days and my mood during them! I no longer worry about whether my pad is absorbent enough and do not have the suffocating, itchy and uncomfortable feeling in my feminine parts! I will never go back to conventional pads! Thank you Genial day!"


  • Genial Day Menstrual Cup

    I have used a few different menstrual cups and this one is the best I've tried! The material is easier to use and clean. Much more comfortable and I have had no leaks. Love it!"

    -KATIE T.

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