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ECO-certified Extra Heavy Overnight/Postpartum Pads with Anion Strip

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Organic Extra heavy/Postpartum ultra thin, breathable pads with FAR-IR Anion strip are most absorbent and longest pads in our range of pads. Perfect after giving birth or with very heavy flows. 

The pads were designed for women with super heavy flow as well as after giving birth as postpartum pads.

+ pH friendly to skin, toxin-free, fragrance-free, non-chlorine bleached.
+ Super soft stay-dry cover sheet so you won’t feel any discomfort.
+ Yellow ANION Strip with Tourmaline for protection against skin irritation & odor.

+ With air-laid cotton layer and nontoxic, biodegradable, super-absorbent material made in Japan for superior absorbency: absorbs up to 6.7 OZ.
+ Breathable back layer to eliminate heat and humidity.
+ Non-toxic adhesive strips to stabilize the liner.
+ Individually sealed wrapper for safe carrying in your purse.

Why choose Genial Day as your postpartum pads? GENIAL DAY pads are eco-certified and completely toxin-free. They provide the best hygiene for postpartum periods since the pads are completely sealed and packed in a resealable food-grade packaging. Our carefully crafted packaging prevents the pad from bacterial contamination.

All GENIAL DAY pads were designed to help alleviate the common problems associated with PMS and vaginal infections. They are the healthiest, safest, most absorbent, comfortable and eco-friendly pads out there!

The new anion strip technology with tourmaline allows for fragrance-free odor control. GENIAL DAY eco-certified pads are also clinically tested for bio-compatibility, so they won't cause irritation.

Join the period revolution of 1 million women - and detox your period today with Genial Day!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Aristides Rodriguez
It's simply the Best; better than all the rest.

Yes, we quoted the commercial.
My daughter & I have used the majority of what is available on the market; and these simply are the best all around. We've used the commercially available brands (super YUK!!!!) we used cloth pads (they're great but come with considerable inconveniences) the cup and so on. We know we will NEVER go back to the toxic commercial brands, and will use our cup & cloth pads as back-ups when needed.
Genial Day is more costly; but the lack of toxins is enough for us to overlook the cost.
We both highly recommend Genial Days, no question.

Christina Anderson

I have had to use reusable cloth pads for the last 7 years due to an allergy to other menstrual pads. While they work great they aren’t ideal for when traveling. Then I discovered these!!!! I have a super heavy flow and for the first 5 days I have to change pads every hour (even postpartum designed ones). These I am able to go every 2 hours plus I don’t feel like I have a diaper on. The greatest thing…these are disposable, very absorbent and now I have my other 2 girls saying they need some. Only down side, I wished they make larger packages of the postpartum pads. With 3 ladies using these, who average 5 days of very heavy flow and 3 light, ideal it would be nicer to have larger packages.

Good for night time

Very absorbent and comfortable. They're long enough that I can sleep on my back without leaking.

Niccoya T.

The only pads long enough for me that I don't need a liner following after it to catch mistakes. SO impressed by these. They hold ALOT of liquid!

Cherise W.
They’re okay

I don’t like how it gets bunched up when I wear them. I don’t like how the blood doesn’t stay in the middle. It always get on the wing part. I wasted my money & I’ll be buying a different brand.