Celebrating Our Cycles

Celebrating Our Cycles

This past Sunday, I visited the "Menstruation" exhibition in Poland, where I was deeply moved by the stories and artwork of women from Brazil and Poland. As the founder of Genial Day, I feel compelled to share the insights and emotions this exhibition evoked, highlighting the importance of understanding and appreciating our menstrual cycles.

The exhibition featured powerful narratives from women who have faced significant challenges related to menstruation and reproductive health. One artist shared her story of starting her period with fear and confusion, only to later face breast cancer, infertility, and early menopause. Her journey, depicted through her art, highlighted both her pain and resilience, underscoring the profound impact these experiences can have on a woman's life.

Another impactful story came from a Polish artist who experienced early menopause at 39. The lack of understanding and support during this time led to depression and strained her relationship with her daughter, who was simultaneously going through puberty. Their joint project on menstruation helped them reconnect and heal, demonstrating the strength that comes from facing challenges together.

The exhibition left me with a deep sense of sadness, knowing that many women struggle to appreciate their menstrual cycles, bodies, and the changes they undergo. This often stems from a lack of knowledge about periods, cycles, and hormonal changes. It's disheartening to see how many view their periods as a burden rather than a natural, healthy part of life.

Having once shared this sentiment, I understand the discomfort and pain associated with periods. My perspective changed at 34 when I discovered high-quality, innovative pads that transformed my menstrual experience. This transformation inspired the creation of Genial Day, a brand offering innovative pads with FAR-IR Anion strip, menstrual cups, and period panties, all designed to provide comfort and peace of mind.

The message I want to convey is the importance of loving and understanding our bodies and menstrual cycles. Negative thoughts about our periods can lead to poor health and emotional distress. Recognizing our periods as a natural part of our health is crucial. If something is off with our cycles, it's essential to delve deeper, adopt healthier lifestyles, and choose high-quality, chemical-free period care products.

I encourage women to embrace their periods, perimenopause, and menopause with love and acceptance. By understanding our bodies and the changes they undergo, we can shift our experiences from discomfort and shame to empowerment and pride. Let's celebrate our cycles and support each other on this journey towards better health and self-love.

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