Don't Let Your Menstrual Cycle Ruin Your Vacation!

Don't Let Your Menstrual Cycle Ruin Your Vacation!

So you have all your things packed and feel ready to go on that big trip you've been planning for months. You can‘t wait for the moment of departure – but there's one nagging detail you've only just realized: your period might be preventing you from taking that much-needed vacation. 

Don't let your cycle disrupt your plans just yet! If you're planning a vacation, take a few minutes to plan to manage your period.

With the following advice, you'll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way while still having a good time.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you haven't already, download a period tracker app and start noting the start and end of your period, as well as the days when you have PMS. This way, you'll know when your period is likely to arrive.

Keep in mind, however, that your period is more likely to arrive early or late while on vacation. Travel and stress can disrupt your cycle, gynecologists say. So, if your period tracker indicates that your period will begin two days after your vacation ends, plan for it just in case.

Come on, you don‘t have to refuse all the summer pleasures like lying on the beach and getting tan, playing volleyball in the sand, or swimming in the ocean. With the products on the market these days, you can easily enjoy the sun, the sea, and the fun of running around freely without worrying that your period might leak in a public place. 

Even if you are not expecting your period, you should always pack the necessities. Depending on your preferences, this could include tampons, pads, period panties, or menstrual cups – because the place you're going might not have what you need. Isn't it better to be safe than sorry?

Bring enough of your preferred period product to last the duration of your period, taking into account both ease of use and luggage space.

Why The Menstrual Cup Is the Best

We say that the menstrual cup is probably the most perfect product to use while on your vacation. Menstrual cups, which hold three times as much menstrual fluid as pads or tampons, give you more time to enjoy traveling or simply moving around because you can use them for up to 12 hours before emptying them. You can wear them safely for nearly half a day, depending on your flow. 

The biggest bonus point for the menstrual cup is that you can swim while wearing one – and you don‘t have to pull it out to empty it when you come out of the water! 

Disposable period products eliminate the need for extra bathroom breaks. With a menstrual cup, you can feel unstoppable whether you're taking a day trip to Rome or backpacking Southeast Asia.

If you choose a menstrual cup for your vacation, don’t forget to put a pack of Genial Day wet wipes into your luggage. Wet wipes can come in handy when you don’t have sweet running water around you to clean your private parts or the menstrual cup when you change it. 

You will adore our wipes! Made from eco-friendly bamboo cloth that is 100 % biodegradable, our fragrance-free bamboo wet wipes are soft and gentle, making them perfect for cleaning intimate parts, hands, or the face. They are suitable for people with sensitive skin. The water-based formula cleans the skin without leaving a sticky residue.

For the sake of safety, don’t forget to clean your cup after each menstrual cycle. Simply boil some water in a pot and immerse the cup in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Also, you should wash your cup at least once a day, or better, every time after you have emptied it. 

Keep Your Skin Breathing

Another thing that can come in handy on your vacation is a pair of Genial Day period panties. You can use them on the days when you have a light flow and just don’t feel like using a pad, because our period panties take in as much blood as two tampons. They are made from the TENCELTM modal, which is thin, breathable, and gentle on your skin, cooling it down. It’s using 3 absorbing layers in the crotch area + extra leakproof layer. 

Our light gray bikini period panties are made of super-soft, long-lasting Modal fibers. Under light-colored clothing, they look great. The crotch is kept in place by a wide elastic band around the waist. We designed these panties to be worn for extra leak protection while using a tampon, pad, or menstrual cup during your period.

If you still prefer to choose to wear pads on your vacation – or if you are a teenager who cannot use a menstrual cup yet – check out our Genial Day pads and pantyliners. Super absorbent, but light as a feather, they make a perfect option for summer because they are completely skin-friendly! 

We’ve made them from toxin-free materials of the highest quality so that their pH suits very well to avoid irritation – your skin will appreciate that. Their Anion Strip with Tourmaline – a detoxifier that promotes women‘s well-being – can even help relieve common PMS symptoms! Moreover, the Anion Strip will prevent your private parts from having an odor, which is especially important in the summer. 

By the way, if you are (or are a Mom of) a teen girl, who is anxious about what sanitary products to use for swimming, you can consider using tampons for menstruation during your summer holidays. Just remember not to wear tampons all day every day – take one out and change it for a pad as soon as you come out of the water. That’s because tampons absorb the water you’re swimming in, and they will leave far less space for your menstrual blood, which means possible leaks if you leave the tampon in after a swim.

When it comes down to it, we can't always plan our travel time around our monthly cycle, so try to relax and enjoy yourself – after all, you're on vacation! Chances are, if you can take some precautionary measures to reduce its impact, you won't even notice that your period is accompanying you.

We wish you a great vacation – whether you‘ll be on your period or not!

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