We at Genial Day  know how it is important to use premium quality and safe products after you delivered a baby. You need gentle and toxin-free products, to let you heal faster and with no harm to your body. This Postpartum Gentle Care Box of ECO-certified personal hygiene products will help you to recover faster and with no harm. The box includes:

2 ct (12 pads) Extra Heavy / Maternity pads with FAR-IR Anion strip - you can use these pads second of third day after giving birth, during extra heavy flow days or nights

1 ct (8 pads) Heavy Flow or Overnight 

1 ct (10 pads) Regular flow - once you flow no longer too heavy

1 ct (18 liners) Absorbent Liners, great for light bleeding, of if you will experience light incontinence 

1 ct Unscented Bamboo Wet Wipes for your intimate parts on the go

1 ct Genial Period Panties, super soft and leak proof with our patented crotch design to hide pad wings. You can also wear these panties without any backup, since they can absorb light flow. 
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Postpartum Gentle Care Kit

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