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Genial Day

Genial Day Liners & Pads TOP trio (kit)

Genial Day Liners & Pads TOP trio (kit)

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Most popular Genial Day sanitary napkins in one kit! 

• A patented anion strip blocks the bacteria from spreading in the pad along with neutralizing the odor
• Keeps you fresh and comfortable throughout the day
• Absorb up to 10 times more than any other pad and comes with superior leak protection due to absorbent polymer, sidewalls, and 2 wings
• Keeps you dry for longer during a heavy flow and eliminates heat and humidity
• Made of breathable organic material and a ventilated base film with small pores

The kit includes:

1 pack Cotton liner (size 1)
1 pack Regular Flow Pads (size 4)
1 pack Heavy Flow Pads (size 5)

Eco-certified by Oeko-Tex®, no skin irritation - certified by Made for Health®, not tested on animals - certified VEGAN by Vegetarian society. 
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