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ECO certified Liners with Anion Strip

Free of harmful chemicals, Made for Health® and Oeko-Tex® certified
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By using organic and eco-certified materials, Genial Day sanitary napkins reduce the risk of irritation, minimize exposure to toxins and protect the environment. At the same time, it provides incredible comfort, skin protection, hygiene and freshness.

·         Eco-certified, patented (invention patent No 200510076755) sanitary liners with Anion Strip, to provide feeling of freshness everyday.

·         Where science meets nature: better hygiene, health and skin protection, freshness for every day. Genial Day helps women stay healthy and confident.

·         Developed to help to alleviate common symptoms associated with PMS and vaginal infection.

·         Anion Strip: Natural protection against irritation & odor, made with antibacterial silver ions and Tourmaline gemstone—scientifically recognized detoxifier that promotes woman’s wellbeing.

·         No fragrance or lotion added, skin friendly pH; made with the highest quality toxin-free materials to prevent irritation.

·         Ultra thin and soft, breathable, individually wrapped.

·         Proven safety by Oeko-Tex® 100 and Made for Health® certificates.

·         Does not cause skin irritation—dermatologically tested.

·         Not tested on animals, VEGAN certified, Leaping Bunny approved.

·         GENIAL DAY named among Top CPG Products for Innovation and Market Impact of 2017.

·         Join the family of more than 1 million happy women around the world and detox your period with Genial Day!

Unique Design for Ultimate Comfort and Total Protection

·         Super soft cotton cover sheet so you won’t feel any discomfort.

·         Yellow ANION Strip with Silver & Tourmaline for protection against skin irritation & odor.

·         Air-laid cotton layer provides little absorbency.

·         Breathable back layer to eliminate heat and humidity.

·         Food grade adhesive strips to stabilize the liner.

·         Individually sealed wrapper for safe carrying in your purse.

Recommended Use:

Perfect for daily freshness or back up protection for daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, tampon and menstrual cup backup, spotting, and very light urinary incontinence.

To Use: Peel off the plastic wrapper, remove back paper strip, center the liner on your underwear, press down.

To Dispose: Remove the liner from your panties, wrap the liner in bath tissue or in the liner wrapper and dispose into a waste bin.


Cotton, ANION Strip with silver and tourmaline, air-laid paper with cotton, PE breathable back sheet, adhesive strips, PE wrapper. 



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Brittany Haylor
I thought they are great! They fit was good ever for my bikini style underwear. They held enough for the day! They were also not bulky and very comfortable!! Thank you for the free samples periodic lot of pain and I'm like.
Cathe Brown
I love your products!! While using them my skin was less sensitive, they hold well on heavy days! as soon as i ran out, when i went back to regular products, within hours they began to break down my skin!!
Oeko-Tex 100  certificate
Oeko-Tex 100  certificate
Oeko-Tex 100 certificate

Tested for harmful substances. 

Made for Health
Made for Health
Made for Health

Skin irritation test.

Made for health
Made for health
Made for health

Made for health



Eco certified
Eco friendly
No skin irritation
No harmful chemicals

Why we use Silver and Tourmaline in Genial Day pads?

Skin irritation, tension and pain in the vaginal area, cramps, unpleasant odor, vaginal infection—these are unpleasant symptoms that many women experience during a menstrual cycle. The symptoms can be caused by low-quality synthetic materials and chemicals found in pads, liners or tampons. Damp, warm environment is perfect for a rapid multiplication of bacteria—the biggest culprit of various period-related discomforts.

This is where nature and science come to rescue. Genial Day yellow Anion Strip—a revolutionary invention in health textiles—provides an added layer of protection against irritation and odor causing bacteria. It also may help to alleviate common symptoms associated with PMS and prevent infection.

It is made with antibacterial silver ions and Tourmaline gemstone—scientifically recognized detoxifier that promotes women’s wellbeing.

Silver is a naturally occurring element used as an effective bacteriostatic agent in diverse fields, such as cosmetics and medicine.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious, naturally occurring gemstone, known for its incredible ability to improve blood circulation, detoxify, elevate mood, increase energy levels and enhance immune function. Tourmaline is often used in cosmetics, medicine, and air fresheners.

The combination of Silver and Tourmaline provide great health benefits due to its ability to neutralize toxins, prevent bacterial growth, odor-causing infections, and skin irritation, while restoring general balance.