Here's Why Your Sanitary Pads Should Be Air Permeable

Here's Why Your Sanitary Pads Should Be Air Permeable

What makes a perfect menstrual pad? A lot of things. It starts with high-quality raw materials, such as cotton free of pesticides and fungicides. Then comes design, as the perfect menstrual pad must be safe and comfortable. 

While there are many key features that allow our products to achieve highest standards of safety and functionality, one of them stands out: it’s air permeability. 

Menstrual blood flows freely from a vagina downwards, the menstrual pad is there to catch it and store it until it's disposed of. It’s recommended to change your sanitary napkin every 3 or 4 hours or as often as needed. 

However, busy schedules and fast-paced modern life often prevent women from changing their pads as often as they should. In addition, there’s still a lot of stigma around menstruation, especially in developing countries, which force women to take extra steps to hide their period and only change their pads when they feel they have enough privacy and anonymity. 

This is where the quality of your feminine hygiene products becomes very important. 

If the maker of your menstrual necessities does not care about your health and well-being, their maxi pads are not air permeable. How come and why it’s so important to make sure that your menstrual pad can “breathe”? 

Cheap mainstream menstrual pads are usually made with toxic, non-pliable plastic. You’d be surprised to know that an average pad may contain more plastic than cotton. As expected, plastic “suffocates” your menstrual pad. Bacteria that lives in your menstrual blood becomes trapped inside the pad for hours and starts breeding more rapidly than it would in the environment that contains more oxygen. 

Not only bacteria and fungi are – well – gross, they are the main culprits of unpleasant odor. However, they can do more damage than that. Many cases of allergies, rash and skin irritations can be avoided if menstrual pads were more breathable. In fact, unless there are more serious underlying medical conditions, no women should suffer from rash and infections just because they have periods.

Here at Genial Day, we use a specially engineered ventilated film that lets the air through while keeping the liquid inside. We also use highest quality cotton and only one layer of plastic at the bottom to maximize air permeability. 

Our pads and pantiliners are “Made for Health” certified, which means they are hypoallergenic and do not create a bacteria-friendly environment. “Made for Health” is a chemical and biological safety symbol recognized and accepted worldwide for all textile products in the healthcare industry. 

When purchasing feminine hygiene products, always check for certifications and make sure your pads are air permeable. Periods are difficult enough as they are, no need to add skin irritation and rash to the litany of problems and symptoms! 

So, go ahead, continue with your busy day without having to worry about changing your sanitary pad every couple of hours. If you choose Genial Day, it's OK to change your pad at the end of the day, whenever you get a chance.  

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