Wearing Pantiliners Every Day: Bad Idea?

Wearing Pantiliners Every Day: Bad Idea?

Recently, we got an email from a concerned customer. First, she said she was “in love” with our super-absorbent sanitary pads (yay!). But then she proceeded to express her concern about pantiliners: “I have nothing against your pantiliners in particular, but I’m concerned if wearing pantiliners every day can cause skin irritation or yeast infection. I want to try them, but I’m really not sure if it’s a good idea. It seems that many gynecologists are not big fans of them.” 

We think it’s great that she is concerned about her health. Sadly, too many women ignore telltale signs of vaginal infections and fail to see that in many cases they can be avoided by choosing a different brand of feminine hygiene products and underwear. Indeed, wearing certain types of pantiliners every day can be a cause of concern, especially if a woman is suffering from rashes, skin irritation or infections. 

First of all, there’s one kind of pantiliners that should never be worn, let alone every day, we’re talking about scented pantiliners.  

“Fragrances” can include chemicals known to be carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, irritants, and allergens. There’s no such thing as “safe” perfumes, not when it comes to the vaginal area. The female genitalia is the home to a very delicate balance of bacteria and yeast. If that balance is disturbed, one can end up with very painful and uncomfortable conditions such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and yeast infections.

Secondly, many so-called regular non-scented pantiliners can still be a source of irritation and infections. One of the reasons is the adhesive strip at the bottom of the pantiliner that is made of plastic. Another reason is synthetic materials, including more plastic, in the pantiliner itself. During a day, women pass out normal genital discharge. If your pantiliner is made of plastic and/or other synthetic material, your discharge stays on the pantyliner, which would stick to your skin for as long as you are still wearing the pantyliner. 

We also know that bacteria grow much faster in the moist and warm area. In no time bacteria will be transferred to your labia majora and, eventually, may enter your vagina. This may cause genital acne and irritation.

So why would anyone use pantiliners if they are such a danger to your health?

Well, they’re not, if you know which ones to choose. In fact, there are many benefits to wearing pantiliners. 

It’s becoming more and more common for women to wear pantiliners with the purpose of keeping underwear dry and free of liquids and daily moisture. They also prevent possible odors and have a greater sensation of cleanliness. 

Women with incontinence and women who have recently given birth love pantiliners because they help in case they have a little accident. 

Pantiliners are also great a few days before your period and at the end of your period when you may get some spotting, but you don’t really need a pad or tampon. 

Overall, many customers jokingly say they get “addicted” to the fresh feeling, as well as happy to keep their underwear spot-free. While every woman’s natural discharge is different, depending on the time of the month, and – ahem! – your excitement in certain social situations, those spots may be rather difficult to wash. 

Also, you don’t want to use strong, chemical-laden laundry detergent on your underwear, so there are plenty of reasons why you would want to have a barrier between your lady parts and your underwear… as long as it contains no toxic chemicals. 

Now, is that possible?

Yes, we made it happen and we got plenty of proof. 

Genial Day organic liners feature anion strip which provides superior comfort and freshness all day long. They are super soft and thin, with the air-permeable bottom layer. We use Tourmaline - a semi-precious stone – in our yellow anion strip. The strip helps to reduce odor and bacterial growth; as a result, you will feel fresh and comfortable throughout a day. Tourmaline protects intimate skin and reproductive system from ailments caused by bacteria in the liners and pads. Regular pantiliners cannot do that…

Just like all our products, our pantiliners are dermatologically tested and certified by Oeko-Tex® 100 and Made for Health®. You can find more about the certificates here, but, basically, they confirm that our pantiliners do not contain harmful substances and do not cause skin irritation.

So, what’s the verdict? Is wearing pantiliners a bad idea?

No, not at all! Pantiliners can be beneficial and even addictive (in the best way possible), as long as you choose the ones that contain no fragrances, are chlorine-free, feature skin friendly pH and, most importantly, are breathable.

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