Here's How Cold Weather Affects Your Vagina

Here's How Cold Weather Affects Your Vagina

You probably know a lot about the impact of weather – sun, wind, rain, and snow – on our facial skin, hair, lips, and hands. What many women don't usually have a clue about is the fact that drops or boosts in humidity and temperature can also have a powerful effect on the vagina.

With a few weeks of winter still ahead, it's high time to check if you have been taking proper care of your genital health in the cold season – and make the necessary amendments in your daily habits to avoid the possible vaginal discomfort. Once you learn these important things about your lady parts, you'll be able to keep them healthy whenever the fall or winter weather comes around again – or when you travel or move to an area with a colder climate than where you are at the moment.


A Friendlier Season for Your Lady Parts


Contrary to what many women might think, the vaginal area is actually feeling good about the shift from warm and humid to dry and cold weather. Cool environment is much more comfortable and generally healthy for our genitalia than the heat of summer. High temperatures make your body produce a lot of sweat that inevitably gets into the pelvic area and can cause increased friction – hence, irritation of the skin around our most intimate parts.

While the air temperature is down, we also tend to shave these areas less, for then we don't wear a swimsuit so often. Coolness provides more comfort to the vagina and vulva, which are extremely sensitive to excessive moisture around the public area: it can easily lead to acne infection. So, in colder and crisp weather, you may notice you're actually feeling quite happy and easy down there.


Watch Out for Yeast Infection

If you're the one who tends to struggle with yeast infections in the summer, in the fall and winter you might feel much better. Women health specialists note that less hotness and humidity surrounding your lower half decreases the chance for harmful bacteria to multiply there – since yeast is particularly quick to multiply in hot and moist places.

Take A Break from Synthetic Underwear

To avoid skin irritation in your intimate parts, make sure in the winter you're wearing panties made of absorbent materials, such as organic cotton. Synthetic, tight underwear and hosiery don't let your vagina breathe – which can cause a buildup of acne, tightness and general discomfort down there.


Tights, stockings, leggings, and skinny jeans also increase your risk for yeast infection. Body-hugging clothing doesn't allow the escape of heat and moisture, which is what these bacteria love. This doesn't mean you should throw your favorite pair of leggings in the garbage – just try to wear loose, breathable clothes of natural materials as much as possible.

It Won't Sneeze, But Could Hurt

The cold, dry weather can also influence your vagina indirectly. Did you know that certain medicines to treat cold or flu can be actually harmful to your vagina? Some medications that deal with common infectious viral illnesses – especially certain antibiotics – can devastate your genitalia's natural flora. If your throat and nose are feeling better after using medicine, but your vagina is feeling worse, this is exactly the case.


Always consult your doctor to learn about this possible effect. If you still have to use antibiotics, make sure then you consume enough food rich in probiotics: they may help bring back your vagina's natural comfort.

Extra Cleaning Is Not Necessary

One more important thing to mind about the cold, dry weather is that it won't make your vagina dry. Due to their natural self-cleaning mechanism, your genitalia always keep themselves safe and lubricated – even in the cool dry season. This means any interference in the process could be potentially harmful. You don't have to use wipes, medications, or anything else for extra care in the winter. But if you start feeling weird down there, talk to your doctor instead of rubbing those parts with fragrant soaps, or cleaning it with douches and steams – they can only make it worse.

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