Genial Day Donates over 9K Fem Hy Products to Ukrainian Refugees

Genial Day Donates over 9K Fem Hy Products to Ukrainian Refugees

Almost 3M Ukrainians have already been displaced due to the ongoing Russian invasion of their country, and there will be many more if war will not end soon. Basic necessities are a top priority, and various businesses are contributing to help those in need. Genial Day, an intimate health brand based in the U.S. and Europe has donated over 9K menstrual products for the Lithuanian Red Cross Society to provide support for menstruating Ukrainian refugees.

Many international companies and organizations have joined their forces to provide humanitarian help to Ukrainian citizens and refugees after Russia’s aggressive invasion of their country. Already over two million people have left their homeland to seek shelter in various European countries. Most of them are staying in Poland, also many coming to Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and others. Most of the refugees are women and kids. Basic supplies like water, food, medicine as well as hygiene products are needed the most.

Seeing the growing need for hygiene products, Genial Day has donated over 9K menstrual products to the Lithuanian Red Cross Society, which helps the recently-arrived Ukrainian refugees.

British Red Cross currently prioritizes refugee access to water, health care, and psychological support. Other organizations such as Unicef, UN Refugee Agency, Malteser International or Save the Children International are also accepting volunteer help, financial support, and donations of clothing, food, and essential supplies.

Genial Day is continuing to supporting the Lithuanian Red Cross by consistently providing necessary hygiene products such as sanitary pads, wet wipes and underwear. Mrs. Vilmante Markeviciene the founder of Genial Day urges other businesses and people that can help to extend support to those affected by the war. 


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