Dysmenorrhea: How Pads With an Anion Strip Alleviate Period Cramps?

Dysmenorrhea: How Pads With an Anion Strip Alleviate Period Cramps?

We keep getting our customers’ reviews about GENIAL DAY pads, women claim that our pads reduce period cramps during menstruation. Although we haven’t conducted research to prove that GENIAL DAY pads ease period pain, our products are made using an unique technology that reduces irritation and discomfort during menstruation. So, here I will share how GENIAL DAY pads can help you manage your periods better.

What inspired us to create pads with FAR-IR Anion technology?

This is where GENIAL DAY combines nature and science to deliver a FAR-IR Anion strip, a revolutionary development in the healthcare and wellness textile industry. Its effect comes from far-infrared rays and anions (air negative ions) that can have antibacterial properties and work by reducing odor and relieving discomfort during menstruation.

This technology got popular in Japan and China, where far-infrared rays and anions are used to improve life quality and health. FAR-IR Anion strip was created and patented in 2003, by professor Dai Chengqu from China Textile University. Dai Chengqu devoted his life to analyzing and developing anion technologies, mainly in Japan.

A good friend of the professor and head of the GENIAL DAY manufacturing factory Mrs. Poon developed a way of using anion textile in period products. In 2005, pads with FAR-IR Anion strip got an invention patent. In 2009, GENIAL DAY pads were introduced in Europe and later in the US.

Natural minerals in textile

Multifunctional health care textile refers to a type of textiles which can release far infrared, air negative ions, vitamins, generate magnetic fields, antibacterial and so on. This type of fabric can help balance and improve bodily functions to achieve health benefits without side effects. To produce such textile, manufacturers use a variety of minerals based on their active features. 

We use a gemstone called tourmaline to produce our strip. Tourmaline has unique benefits for the human body. By being exposed to external factors such as moisture or temperature changes, tourmaline emits far-infrared rays, anions, rare microelements and creates an electromagnetic field that can improve bodily functions. 

Tourmaline is used for air, water, toxic waste, and harmful bacterial cleansing. Far-infrared rays are used to treat minor skin irritations, menstrual pains, neurodermatitis, infectious eczema, post-operative infections, inflammation of the lungs and gallbladder, neurasthenia, pelvic inflammatory disease, frostbite.

How do far-infrared rays work?

Far-infrared rays produce heat, but unlike the infrared radiation produced by the sun, these rays aren’t harmful. For instance, a stone that was warmed up by the sun and even our bodies emits harmless far-infrared rays or, as we all know, heat. Since our bodies release these rays, therefore when a textile that generates far-infrared rays gets in touch with a warm body, it absorbs the heat and emits it back to the body, improving blood circulation.

If you have ever had a chance to enjoy an infrared ray sauna, you probably know that the heat produced there is safe. These rays heat the body from the inside, which has positive effects on the immune system, muscle cramps, muscle healing, blood circulation. This helps the body eliminate toxins and other harmful waste.

Scientific research shows that people wearing mittens with far-infrared rays feel an improvement in rheumatism. Comforters with this technology improve sleep quality, special discs with FAR-IR promote lactation in breastfeeding women, and belts with this technology and sericite minerals have shown to ease menstrual cramps.

What features do anions (negative ions) have?

Textiles with tourmaline release anions, and according to various studies, anions have positive effects on the human body. Large amounts of anions are found in forests and near waterfalls. Scientists agree that anions can improve a person’s general health, productivity and reduce stress. Anion therapy is used to treat burns, respiratory system infections, and inflammations. According to researchers, people that live in areas with air low in anions generally feel more tired, irritated, and fatigued.

2010 article “The Function and Health Care of Negative Ion Fibers and Textiles” published in Scientific Research says that textile with negative ions can emit a certain amount of anions, which enhances air quality, directly impacts a person’s health, longevity, and ecology. Wearing textile with anions can improve your sleep, immune system, reduce blood pressure. 

More and more products are manufactured using negative ion textiles, and here are a few examples:

  • Underwear, beddings, towels;
  • Interior design details: curtains, couch covers, pillows, etc.;
  • Medical fiber: surgical attire, medical staff uniforms, bed covers, etc.;
  • Air and water filters and similar materials.

GENIAL DAY pads with the FAR-IR anion strip are the highest quality product. Our pads are hypoallergenic with low skin irritation risks because they don’t contain fragrances, colorants, or harmful chemicals. Throughout dermatologic tests, no woman reported side effects or skin irritations. After cytotoxicological tests, the product received a Made for Health® certificate. 

GENIAL DAY pads also meet all the ecological standards and have an Oeko-Tex® 100 certificate. No tests were done on animals, making our pads 100% vegan. GENIAL DAY pads and panty liners are made from breathable materials and absorb better than similar products. According to studies, GENIAL DAY pads with the FAR-IR Anion strip can reduce the smell of ammonia by 85% and kill 99% of staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Test show that the GENIAL DAY FAR-IR Anion strip generates 6000 anions in one cm3.

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