Avoiding Toxins: 5 Ways to Cut Tampons From Your Life

Avoiding Toxins: 5 Ways to Cut Tampons From Your Life

There is a number of good reasons to want to give up tampons: sustainability, saving money, avoiding toxic shock, or opposition to the tampon tax. But since most of the alternative menstrual products don't get the same kind of airplay as the tampon, most of us are in the dark.

If you're thinking about other methods of dealing with your time of the month, you're not alone. Your period could cost you as much as a car over the course of your lifetime.

You should take as much time thinking about this investment as you would anything else that costs you $20,000. This is a very conservative number of how much women spend on feminine hygiene necessities throughout their lives. 

You need to be informed about the options before you make the leap, so here are 5 ways you can cut tampons out of your life.

1. The Cups

There are several different types of cups out on the market. That's because they're a proven and dependable method of dealing with your period.

They can be worn for up nearly 12 hours. Most people wash them out every 6 hours or so.

You won't find any leaking either as they comfortably mold to your body.

Most cost under $40. Most are rated to last over a year. If cared properly, cups like Genial Day can last up to 10 years.

That's a huge amount of savings while also being good for the environment!

2. Washable/Reusable Pads

Some people don't like the feel of a pad while others don't mind them at all. Reusable pads are loved by people who reject disposable pads because they are made of more natural materials typical plastic pads.

Some pads can be rinsed out during your cycle and washed on the delicate setting of your washing machine. You can throw them in the wash with your underwear.

There are some people that have sewn their own and some that can be found at craft fairs. If you're searching for the right option, try out a reusable pad.

3. Sponge Tampons

If you want to stick with the concept of the tampon while going at your period the natural way, try out the sea sponge. They can be trimmed to whatever size or shape you need for your cycle or your body as it changes.

If you have allergies to the materials a tampon is made with, this is the answer you've been looking for. To add a pull string, take a piece of thread through the sponge with a tapestry needled to sew your own before use.

Even the most premium sea sponges still cheaper a traditional tampon.

4. Period Panties

The absorbent panties market has blown up in the last few years. They're super versatile and often come in different colors.

They usually require a hand wash after use, but just a couple of pairs can last you longer than regular panties.

This way you can start wearing them when you're nearing your cycle and not give your period a second thought.

Here at Genial Day, we have our own version of period panties. With EiiVi by GenialDay, you can still use your pad comfortably as the panties have "secret" wing pockets. 

In addition, the panties are linked with the SILVERPLUS finish, which has natural antibacetrial qualities, as well as help the material last longer. 

5. Free Bleeding

This is probably the most natural method for dealing with your cycle. It's certainly not for everyone in every situation but if you don't mind a little blood on your clothes or sitting on towels, you'll eliminate the risks of toxic shock.

You might have trouble taking on this method at the office. For people who work from home, any problems can be solved by putting down a towel when you sit down.

Giving Up Traditional Tampons Is Easy

With so many possible options that have a positive impact on your health and wallet, you should consider alternatives to tampons. You shouldn't feel like you have to stick by any method you feel uncomfortable with.

Being happy with your menstrual products is key to your health and well-being. Pay attention to your vaginal health and your body will thank you.

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