An Attractive Alternative to Running in the Cold for Women

An Attractive Alternative to Running in the Cold for Women

Strictly speaking, your daily routine of open-air running or jogging should always stay the same, never mind the season or weather. However, you probably know it too well that craving for staying inside instead of putting on countless layers of clothes and trotting out to hit the pavement under the gloomy sky. 

Not to mention the unpleasant feeling of cold air on your face – for women should never wear makeup when exercising – it barely gives you a feeling of relaxation, as you continually have to watch out for ice and snow under your feet to avoid traumas. 

It always seems to get dark too soon, your body feels unpleasantly sweaty under all those garments, but as soon as you stop, it‘s instantly getting too cold... Eventually, you might feel your lungs and throat are not so well after continuous take-ins of frosty air. So, while jogging fans might claim it‘s all about your lack of willpower, we say walking can give you much the same results as running or jogging. Read on to find out why in wintertime it‘s often worth to take a brisk walk rather than run. 

Walking is Safer

Runners have considerably higher rates of injury than walkers, especially on hard and slippery winter routes. Any athlete doctor will tell you running puts more stress on the heart...and the phrase "runner‘s knee" has not appeared without a reason. 

During walking, the ground reaction forces on body weight are two times lower than during running. For women, too much running may result in eating disorders, stoppage of menstrual periods, and a weakening of the bones. Moreover, while jogging or running, you generally have higher chances to stumble and fall.

Walking is easier on the joints, hips, heels, shins, and back, while jogging can result in shin splints or hamstring strains. Walkers whom this activity causes physical pain make up only 1 percent. In women, a brisk walk can even reduce menstrual cramps. You can walk perpetually in any weather without any chance of injuring yourself.

Walking Improves Mental State

Especially if your lifestyle is rather sedentary, running can be hard on you. Runners can tell you of a pleasant state of mind called "runner‘s high" – but actually it takes many, many months of practice to experience that. 

Being a natural thing we all do every day, walking is obviously much more relaxing – some specialists even call it a meditative practice, particularly if done in nature. You can enjoy it alone or invite friends to join you, have a chat on the way, and a cup of tea whenever and wherever you want. Plus, you don‘t need sportswear or special shoes to walk! 

When it comes to our mood, psychologists say a 10-minute walk may be as beneficial as a 45-minute workout. No matter where you walk, it can help boost levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that help raise our mood, treat anxiety and fatigue, prevent Alzheimer‘s, and improve the quality of life. 

Studies reveal walking increases creative output by 60 percent – which is no surprise, since during walking, we can give much more attention to our surroundings and spot some inspiring details in them than during running.

Walk to Lose Weight

Believe it or not, walking burns more calories than jogging or running. Since fat burning results from longer duration exercises, in losing weight all you have to do is keep a steady pace for a long duration. The longer you keep the same pace and intensity, the more calories you burn. 

Maintaining a fast walking pace for a longer time is easier and more enjoyable than maintaining a steady jogging pace – which also means in long-term, walking is more sustainable for our bodies than running or jogging. Since it is easier, we just tend to do it for longer and more regularly than jogging or running. 

Even though both running and walking have multiple physical and mental health benefits, one might suit better to one individual’s goals than the other. 

Whatever you choose for the cold season, the best exercise routine for you is the one you'll actually do!

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