3 Vaginal Health Mistakes Women Make In the Summer

3 Vaginal Health Mistakes Women Make In the Summer

Let’s face it. No lady wants her fun summer plans interrupted by something that’s so... not fun. So take note of these simple health tips so that summer can be spent filling your schedule, not sitting at home feeling miserable.

# 1 Wearing a damp swimsuit

It’s freeing — and wildly comfortable — to be near-naked all day with the sun keeping you warm, but that wet bathing suit is challenging your lady bits.

The heat of the summer can make your vagina drier, causing it to be sensitive and temperamental. Add to that a moist bathing suit, and your vagina just might have a vaginal panic attack.

Lingering for hours in a damp bikini after going for a swim can promote urinal tract infections, doctors warn. Failure to remove a wet suit will allow the yeast to grow since the area is hot and wet.

This may look sexy and all, but wearing a damp bikini for hours and hours allows the yeast to grow (moisture is their breeding ground, remember?) So make sure you dry off or change into dry clothing. A sexy look is not worth the vaginal infections.

# 2 Not cleaning when out in the wild

When lying on a sleeping bag with your tent wide open to the midnight sky, there’s nothing quite as peaceful as counting endless stars before drifting to sleep in the great outdoors. Or when you reach a monstrous mountaintop? That sense of pride is pretty much unparalleled. But while you’re running wild and free, make sure you’re protecting your vagina from the elements.

Packing white toilet paper can be helpful to stay clean and dry when possible, gynecologists suggest. Changing underwear regularly and rinsing and drying clothes rather than wearing damp clothing can help with ventilation.

When you return home from your beach trip, you might have tan lines, a new necklace crafted by a local, some crazy stories to tell your besties, and probably more sand in your suitcase than you’d care to admit.

From bodysurfing and snorkeling, to swimming and lounging on the beach, sand is bound to cling to your wet, sticky body — and it might even venture to other places, too. That’s why a thorough inspection in your post-beach shower is a smart idea.

If you’re out in the woods for an extended period of time — say a weekend with your squad — you might want to consider bringing vaginal hygiene wipes in your backpack. A quick wipe, front to back, of your vagina and butt, will remove unwanted bacteria that can cause an infection.

Vaginal hygiene wipes are alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, clean dirt, germs, and odors from all the right places and won’t increase your risk of getting a yeast or bacterial infection.

One last must-have? We suggest applying bug spray over your underwear (not directly on your vagina) to prevent vulvar bug bites that could happen while you’re nodding off at night.

# 3 Sitting for extended hours

Sitting for an extended period of time will not only lead to lower back pain, but it can also increase the risk of a vaginal yeast infection.

When you sit in one position, the genital area heats up, because airflow is reduced and moisture is increased. Friction, heat, and moisture in the genital area cause irritation and provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

It’s important to move around every hour or two for your vaginal health. Sitting for prolonged hours, especially in summers, will block air movement around the genitals, increase heat and create a sweaty moist environment that fosters bacterial growth.

Even when you are sitting in air-conditioned rooms or offices, the situation isn’t much better. We tend to drink less water when in air-conditioned rooms. This reduced intake of fluids causes dehydration, which leads to vaginal dryness and burning down there.

You can try using talcum powder on the inner thighs to control sweating – but do not use it on the vagina. It will, again, disturb the pH balance and cause irritation.

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