5 Things to do With Maternity Wear After Pregnancy

5 Things to do With Maternity Wear After Pregnancy

You won't need your maternity wear forever. After pregnancy, what can you do with all your clothes that no longer fit? Here are some solutions.

Imagine having a full wardrobe and all of a sudden not being able to fit into any of it anymore. This is probably not hard to imagine if you're a new mom: most of your maternity wear won't fit you once you have your baby!

So what do you do with all of those clothes? You don't want them to go to waste, but a lot of it probably doesn't fit you at all anymore. Let's look at 5 clever things you can do with your maternity clothes after pregnancy.

1. Save the Maternity Wear for Next Time

If you're thinking of having more children, you should definitely consider saving your maternity clothes. Maternity clothes can be expensive, and if you already have a lot, then it makes sense to store them until your next pregnancy.

You don't have to keep every single item, especially if it feels out of style or worn to the ground. But this is a great option for moms who might have more children and don't have the funds to rebuild a maternity wardrobe from scratch.

2. Continue Wearing Post-Pregnancy

Many people don't realize that some of your maternity clothes are still wearable, even after pregnancy. A lot of moms continue wearing maternity pants and jeans after they give birth.

Some of your shirts will also be wearable and look stylish, even if they were technically a part of your maternity wear. Consider keeping the nicer, more expensive items, along with any items you might have a sentimental attachment to.

3. Create Something New

If you're not keen on keeping the clothes, there are many ways you can re-use and re-make the clothes into something brand new.

Use the fabric for a craft to make it into something fantastic and different. You could rip the clothes into rags, make a nightgown into a dress, and even create a new shirt by cutting off the sleeves.

Another idea would be to take a lot of your maternity clothes and make them into a quilt. This would be a fun keepsake while also putting your old clothes to good use.

4. Sell

If you don't want to keep or re-use the clothes, a lot of your nicer items you could try and sell. You could sell them online or at consignment shops.

Before you sell them, double check there aren't any rips or stains from milk or spit-up.

5. Donate or Give Away

There are a lot of soon-to-be moms out there who need maternity clothes and can't afford them. Look up places to donate maternity clothes in your area; many organizations specialize is receiving old maternity clothes and distributing them to women in need.

You could also give the clothes away to any of your friends or relatives who are expecting. You could even just share them and ask for the clothes back once they have had their baby.

Either of these options would be a great way to rid yourself of the extra clothes while also helping people in need.

Wrapping Up

After you have your baby, all you want to do is take care of your little one; you don't want to be worried about your maternity clothes that no longer fit you. Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you manage your maternity wardrobe so that you can focus on your baby.

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