5 Most Common Mistakes of Face Washing

If you frequently struggle with skin issues – irritation, dryness, oiliness, acne breakouts, etc. – think twice before switching to a more expensive skin product or accessing your beauty counselor for help. It’s possible to deal with most of those issues by just giving a little more attention to how you wash your face.

You could be unconsciously making some common mistakes that keep your skin from looking its most beautiful. Read on to learn about these mistakes and the tips to give you great complexion.

1) Washing Your Face With Unclean Hands

You probably think your hands are going to get clean anyway while you’re washing your face…But just think of the surfaces you contact throughout the day! From touching the doorknobs to using your iPhone, your hands are constantly exposed to bacteria. A good rinse before putting them on your face will save you from contamination, as you risk introducing all those bacteria to your face – which may cause breakouts and inflammation.

So before you get your paws anywhere close to your face, give them a thorough rinse with soap. It can make a big difference!

2) Picking the Wrong Product

A popular mistake is applying a cleanser that doesn’t suit your skin type. Do you feel as if your face is one size too small after you cleanse? That’s a sign your facial wash is too drying for your skin type. If the cleanser lathers similarly to your shampoo, it’s too strong: it should be slightly frothy and not very bubbly.

With normal to dry complexion, opt for hydrating, creamy cleansing lotion. For oily or combination skin, use foaming or gel cleansers. If you tend to have acne, pick an anti-inflammatory gel. Dehydrated skin should be treated with hydrating skin lotion.

The safest way to choose is to read the label thoroughly – especially for the size of the suds in gels or foams. Never use ones containing parabens, soap-based ingredients, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colorants: they disrupt the skin natural pH balance and can cause redness, irritation, or even allergic reactions.

3) Using the Wrong Water Temperature

A widespread belief claims hot water opens your pores, while cold water closes them. It’s actually a myth! Our pores don‘t have muscles to open and close them.

Hot water widens blood vessels to increase redness and dry out your face – it‘s because it strips your skin of its natural oils, making it produce more sebum to compensate the sudden dryness. More sebum means more discomfort and acne breakouts.

Lukewarm water loosens up impurities and helps the cleanser to remove them, and does not cause any damage. So, even if taking a hot shower, lower the temperature when you‘re washing your face. Your complexion will thank you!

4) Towel Rubbing

If you think the harder you rub your face, the cleaner it will be, you‘re wrong. Face tugging and skin pulling affects your skin‘s elastin to cause wrinkles. Aggressive rubbing will only lead to redness or even inflammation.

Your skin should only be treated gently! Pat it in light, subtle movements with tissue paper or a soft, clean towel by pressing it against your face until the moisture is absorbed almost completely.

Don‘t dry your face with a hand towel that your whole family shares: it can spread the bacteria and increase the risk for acne. Treat your face skin like a delicate organ – it surely deserves it!

5) Always Using the Same Products

Most likely, you have a favorite beauty product whose smell or texture you enjoy. But the seasons, the weather, and your daily routine undergo inevitable changes continually. Especially if you travel often, even your favorite product may alter its qualities eventually.

Don‘t get attached to just one product you use each day of the year no matter what. Modify your skin care in accordance with your face‘s current needs. A humid, hot summer will make you sweat, while in dry and cold winter, your skin requires more nutritious oils. Learn which cleanser is best for each season and switch between them to adapt to the changing conditions.

Using different ones is also beneficial on your skin: it “remembers” what you apply, so washing it with the same products repeatedly will make them less effective in the course of time.


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