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Our Story

GENIAL DAY® Appearing on the set of Modern Living with kathy ireland®


GENIAL DAY®  is a brand of awesome products for women, by women.  The GENIAL DAY® brand stands out because of the spirit of innovation and genuine concern about a woman's health and environment. Genial Day Inc., is certified with Leaping Bunny. Our products are designed to provide women with the ultimate comfort and a peace of mind. Therefore, they feature skin-friendly pH, are air permeable, and free of harmful chemicals.

Genial [jee-nee-uh l] favorable for life, growth, or comfort; pleasantly warm; comfortably mild: so as to give life, growth, or health. 

Genial... that’s what our products are all about. By sharing them with you, we wish you a gentle, comfortable, healthy, and pleasant day. 

Who’s behind the brand?

By purchasing our products, you show your trust and loyalty. We truly appreciate it and we want you to know who’s behind the brand.

First and foremost, Genial Day Inc. is a family-owned company and family means the world to us! It’s the reason why our family of four has returned to our native Lithuania after spending 5 years in the U.S. While we loved the opportunities and cherished every moment spent in the beautiful city of Chicago, we missed people we left behind way too much...  

In 2009, we have launched our first line of feminine hygiene products in Europe. After successfully expanding to a number of European countries, we felt ready for a return to the U.S. with a brand new product for women. It took us 7 years of research and development until we were confident we could take the leap. 

In the fall of 2016, the product designed exclusively for the U.S. market was launched on Kickstarter. We passionately believe in our success because we care greatly about the quality and performance of our products. Our goal is to make every customer genuinely happy and healthy. 

Some people are motivated by their ability to create exclusive, big-time products or inventions. We are driven by a constant quest to improve everyday necessities. So it’s not a coincidence that we focus on developing innovative, eco-friendly, organic female hygiene products. 

The newest idea of re-designed period panties and pads combo was born in our living room while having a discussion with our teenage daughter. She is our biggest critic, advisor and the true inspiration behind the new line of feminine hygiene products for teens.

Those conversations helped us realize unique challenges that teenage girls face during their journey to adulthood. While we can’t help teens and their parents with every aspect of this transition, we can make their introduction to womanhood a smoother and less stressful experience. 

As a token of the successful mother/daughter collaboration, we have named the new line EiVi [pronounced: a-vee], which is a portmanteau of our respective first names: Eiva + Vilmante.

Even though we are a small family-owned business, we partner up only with the best manufacturers in the industry. We regularly visit our partners’ factories to make sure they meet and exceed fair labor practices and compensate their employees fairly. All our partner factories are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified. 

  We are firm believers that “cheap” and “affordable” are not synonymous; our goal is to design and manufacture products that are affordable, but not cheap; luxurious as measured by their quality and durability, but not the price tag. As human beings, as a family, and as entrepreneurs, we strive to be the best that we can be and we expect the same from our partners.

We have always cared about our fellow friends. And now it is official, our company is certified with Leaping Bunny.

The textile industry is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world. We don't want to be a part of the problem. We want to make a change and show that beautiful and fashionable underwear and premium quality pads and liners can be made with little impact on the environment and human health.  Our partner factories are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified. Our underwear factory is a member of the global eco-initiative DETOX campaign by Greenpeace. It is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, Organic Content Standard.