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The Whole Truth About Period Panties

I have been working with sanitary products for over 10 years, always been interested in innovations and inventions in the field. When period panties first appeared on the market, I decided to give it a try and purchased a pair of Thinxs. The producers said that the panties can be worn without any backup, and that‘s what I did.

Even though I liked the quality of Thinxs, function wise I was disappointed in them. Since my period was quite heavy, I felt the need to change these panties after a couple of hours. I didn‘t like the feeling of being wet.

Since this innovation did not impress me, I put it aside and didn't come back to the idea of period panties until last year.

It was then that I started getting more and more questions from our clients about when Genial Day was going to come out with period panties. And I started thinking about how I could improve period panties so that women could feel confident, clean, and comfortable.

I tried a couple more brands such as Modibody and Ruby Love to get more familiar with what's out there on the market.

I didn’t like Ruby Love at all. Since it is made of synthetic fabric, it felt like it is the 70's swimwear. The model itself wasn't flattering at all, it was digging into my skin, bulky in the crotch and I felt like I was wearing a maxi pad.

On the other hand, my experience with Modibody period panties was a little different. I liked their models (I purchased 3 different ones) and they fit me well. The problem again was the bulkiness in the crotch and to the waistline - I felt like I was wearing a diaper. Since these panties are so bulky it looked like they can hold my flow quite well. So, I tried to wear them on my regular flow day without any backup. Unfortunately, at about noon I had to run out of my office and head home to change because it leaked through and stained my pants. Another thing about Modibody period panties is the washing part ... oh my gosh! I had to rinse them for so long! Due to all their bulky layers, it was hard to get them clean and the blood-filled water just kept on running and running.

So here is my conclusion about period panties

They must be worn as backup panties for women with heavy or regular flow, even bulky ones. No panties can hold as much flow as pads (especially Genial Day pads) or as much as a menstrual cup. I would agree that it is great for women with a light flow, but the washing part is not the best experience. If you are wearing panties without backup, you would need at least 3 pairs per day, and sorry, but that is a lot of washing you’ll have to do. And if you leave the blood to dry, it will be even harder to wash it out. So don’t do that!

But on the other hand, period panties are great for preventing leaks if you have them on with some backup. 

With all that in mind, that’s how my idea for GENIAL Period Panties was born!

And when it came to creating new period panties, I made sure that they fit all of the criteria listed below:

  • must be comfortable;
  • must protect against leaks;
  • must fit snugly and sit stable on the waistline;
  • must be thin and breathable;
  • must have my patented crotch design to make period discreet even while wearing pads;
  • must be made from natural and sustainable fabric;
  • the factory must meet my requirements for quality and social responsibility.

 After 7 trial runs, I finally had my perfect GENIAL Period Panties in front of me!

I chose to use sustainable and eco-certified, the best in the world Austrian TENCEL® micro modal: it is super-light, super-breathable, and extremely thin so that even on the hottest day your private parts will not sweat.

For the second leak-proof layer, I choose to use sustainable cotton fabric with a thin layer of PUL material on the outside. It seemed suitable to make the panties leak-proof so that no blood stains could get on your clothes. Cotton has good absorbency, so it can absorb all those accidental leaks.

And of course the double crotch for absorbency, which also serves very well in hiding the pad wings, if one is wearing the panties as a backup along with our Genial Day pads. The second crotch is sewn with two layers of fabric.

How do I like to wear GENIAL panties?

I prefer my period panties as extra protection against leakage, either when I am wearing a Genial menstrual cup, a Genial Day pad, or a tampon.

I especially enjoy having them on at night, so that I get no unpleasant surprises and don't have to freak out as I sense a "stream" running onto my mattress.

I also wear panties with no extra protection when I expect my period or on the last few days of my period when the flow is light.

Women whose menstrual flow is not heavy – who normally can go around all day with only one regular pad or a couple of tampons – can wear these panties without any backup. But in that case, make sure to have at least one more pair of panties in your handbag that you can change into whenever needed.

How to take care of your period panties?

First, right after buying a pair of period panties, wash them with soap in lukewarm water. I recommend doing this whenever you buy a new pair of panties from anywhere.

If the panties get bloody, soak them in cold water, rinse them, and then wash them by hand or in the washing machine with cold or warm water. Don’t let the blood stains dry out, otherwise, they will be hard to wash away. Hang your panties to dry. Do not dry them in the dryer – this way, the panties will last you longer. Do not use any bleach or fabric softener it can ruin the PUL layer which protects you from leaks.

A practical tip for those who will wear the panties with the pad

As you wear them for the first time, you will notice that the pad can be hard to stick to the panties, because the micro modal is very silky and soft. After washing the panties for several times, the pad will be easier to stick, and when the panties fit well, the pad will stay stable. I have already discovered my recipe on how to wear them with pads, so I wish for you to discover your own as well.

#TameYourPeriod with Genial Period Panties... and from now on, forget about having unexpected red stains on your clothes, mattresses, or chairs.

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