The Secret Sauce of a Perfect Sanitary Pad

The Secret Sauce of a Perfect Sanitary Pad

If you know anything about Genial Day, you’ve probably heard that we do not use toxic chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients in our products. But then, what our sanitary pads are made of? What makes ours so special?

All good questions that we intend to answer in this post! So, let’s go all the way back to the very beginning of Genial Day brand. 

The first step was to realize what shouldn’t go into any female hygiene product. After all, you don’t want to expose your most sensitive body parts to substances like bleach and plastic derivatives… Naturally, the next step was to find a viable replacement. 

Luckily, our founder Vilmante has a background in product design and development, as well as mad drawing and sewing skills. She’s also a hopeless perfectionist. Knowing that it’s not surprising that she went on a world traveling spree searching of the best fabrics while simultaneously combing through books, magazines, and web pages looking for information on textile industry innovations. 

The search took Vilmante to Germany, Japan, Austria, and United States, just to name a few locations. The goal of this quest was seemingly simple, yet at the same time almost impossible: Design a sanitary napkin (aka maxi pad) that is air permeable (breathable), free of irritants, and super-absorbent.

Long story short, the final design features several layers, and a little bit of not-so-secret sauce. When thinking of our sanitary pad, think of it as it if was a perfectly made, delicious ice cream sandwich, with the best part in the middle…

While our pantiliners use single cotton layer, the pads have an extra top layer designed to absorb quickly and stay dry. This layer is made of a high-quality super absorbent polymer which has the ability to absorb several hundred times more its weight and is toxin-free. In fact, it’s the same polymer that is widely used in baby diapers. 

For the bottom layer, we chose re-engineered, BPA-free plastic made with 50 percent of calcium carbonate. As a result, it is breathable and leaves a lot less carbon footprint than a regular plastic. 

Finally, right in the middle, there’s a yellow anion strip containing a tiny amount of silver and semi-precious stone tourmaline. Both have distinct and proven health benefits. 

The biggest benefit of tourmaline and silver is their ability to prevent the growth of bacteria and fight unpleasant odor. 

An anion is a negatively charged ion that is biologically beneficial and produced mostly in wilderness areas. Most people feel revitalized when they are in the forest or stand next to a waterfall because these places are filled with anions. When anions are absorbed into the human body, they provide many similar positive health benefits. 

The effect of negative ions and tourmaline is activated by external pressure and body temperature. Think of it as a delay-action bomb of freshness in your panties! Take that, typical grocery store feminine hygiene products!

When it comes to truly revolutionary product, every little detail matters. From selecting pesticide-free cotton to engineering negative ion release (which is a totally positive thing as far as your health is concerned) to creating packaging that seals every single pad individually. 

While there are cheap imitations and wannabe copycats, Genial Day is the only patented organic sanitary napkin brand with the negative ion strip.

Grab a pack or two on our website or try our convenient subscription service to experience the difference of premium feminine hygiene products for the price that won’t break a bank.

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