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Not All Organic Menstrual Pads Are Created Equal

Here’s a simple question: Is everything labeled organic good for you? If we’re speaking about food, provided it’s consumed in moderation, organic products at the very least won’t cause any harm. 

Does everything labeled organic taste good? Absolutely not! I’m sure you’ve tried some granola that tastes like ground dirt with ashes and or an energy bar that tastes like cardboard with pebble sprinkles…

So what about organic non-food items? For instance, sanitary pads. Are they all created equal? Do they feel the same? Do they perform the same? Do they provide the same protection and comfort?

We don’t think so!

First – good news – it’s 2017 and women have a lot more choices than, let’s say, 10 years ago. Surely, not all stores carry organic feminine hygiene products, but if you have an internet access and a credit/debit card, you can choose from a variety of organic pads and tampons online. 

Unfortunately, while organic sanitary pads are unlikely to cause skin irritation and contribute to more painful period, a lot of brands that we tested underperform when it comes to absorbency and protection from leaks. 

In fact, poor performance of leading organic brands was one of the main reasons why Genial Day founder Vilmante decided to design her very own line of menstrual pads. She just couldn’t justify the premium price for a lackluster performance. 

One lifestyle blogger who happened to love our products has created an entertaining video where she compared the absorbency of various feminine hygiene product brands. To her own surprise, some very well-known brands failed a simple napkin test and leaked after taking in just one ounce of liquid. 

In comparison, Genial Day pads are super absorbent. In fact, Genial Day is the first organic pad which absorbs up to 10 times more than others. It is certified to absorb up to 122 g (4.30 OZ) according to the Rothwell method test (ISO 11948-1). That’s a lot of liquid!

While Genial Day may not be the cheapest alternative to your typical grocery store sanitary pad, bear in mind that due to their absorbency, you will use fewer pads, therefore, you will save money. And, of course, better absorbency means no accidents, no stained underwear and less stressful period. 

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