How Do Period Panties Work?

How Do Period Panties Work?

There are MANY reasons to try period panties and they may or may not be for you. 

Period accidents can happen to anyone, at any time, to extreme effect. While many of the stories of leaky pads printed in teens‘ magazines are likely embellished, any person who’s had a period knows that even thorough preparation doesn’t guarantee a life without leaks or stains or slips.

Many people even have "period underwear" — a generally ratty pair of panties you don’t mind getting ruined. But in the last few years, several new companies have cropped up, offering underwear to help hold pads, wick moisture, and even replace sanitary pads.

Period panties are re-wearable underwear that you use during your cycle, wash, and re-wear. There are MANY reasons to try them and they may or may not be for you. Here is how period panties work.

Stopping leaks in their tracks

Most period underwear functions in the same way: the gusset of the underwear (the panel of fabric between your legs) has a layer combination of special fabric designed to pull liquid away from the body and trap it inside the underwear, keeping it from leaking out onto your clothing. Whereas regular underwear just has one or two layers, period underwear designed especially for menstruating in will have multiple layers.

There are two types of period underwear out there right now.

One type relies on special materials to help absorb and wick away leakage, or even replace tampons or pads for your lighter days. Most of the companies that produce this type of period underwear rely on rather sophisticated materials and technologies to create their wicking, leak-proof undies.

While regular underwear will have one to two layers, this type of period underwear features multiple layers to keep menstrual blood, bladder leaks or other liquid in. It uses a layered combination of special fabrics designed to pull liquid away from the body and trap it inside the underwear so it doesn’t leak out.

This type of period panties employs a system of layers. It normally has a multilayer system including a "moisture-impermeable polymer layer," a "moisture-absorbent layer," and a "moisture-wicking layer." They have a variety of designs, the most absorbent of which can hold up to five teaspoons of liquid at a time, without leaking out onto your pants.

We toss on a pair of underwear nearly every day (at least most of us do), so this kind of period underwear is a great option that doesn’t switch up your routine. You can slide on a pair of underwear like you normally would, but now you’ll have some panties that trap moisture and stop leaks in their tracks.

Some period undie brands might use an exterior plastic lining to keep waterproof, but this is actually no good because it's not breathable and creates a musty environment.

Breathable comfort

This actually brings us to the other type that is more of a physical aid: panties that help hold pads in place. It’s a pair of underwear that has a slot for a pad to slip into.

If you’re still super loyal to your favorite brand of sanitary pads, fear not – this kind of period underwear is generally designed to be used as a backup to your usual menstrual products, to prevent excess leakage.

You'll want to look for a pair that fits just like normal underwear. No need to size up or down to find the best protection, you just want to make sure the underwear fits comfortably – and is designed to hold even a supermax sanitary pad in place so that no parts of it, especially the wings, doesn‘t stick out.

Genial Day patented period panties feature specially designed double crotch with wing pockets to hide pad wings. They are made of 92% organic cotton and 8% elastane (spandex), while the liner is 100% organic cotton. This special fabric means that it's not only highly breathable but also soft.

Moreover, all Genial Day period underwear has SILVERPLUS® finish, which means we use some antimicrobial silver in their fibers. Silver ions provide much-needed protection from bacteria; as a result, your skin will be less prone to irritation. In addition, silver ions protect from unpleasant odor, so you can feel even fresher.

Everyone has a specific fit they like when it comes to underwear. To give you some options, we created our underwear in a higher waist and low-rise shorts cut. These cuts come in black, rosy and beige, so you can wear them underneath just about anything.

Supreme Elegance Period Panties radiate that elegant and feminine look. Higher waist, fuller coverage of your butt will hide everything you may want to keep out of sight. This model runs in sizes from S to XXL, and you can choose from three beautiful colors.

If your goal is to feel athletic and comfortable, Blissful Comfort Period Panties are for you. Low-rise shorts are comfortable because they feel snug around your hips. Wider crotch provides extra comfort when exercising or sleeping (especially during your period).

Some have even worn these panties to the beach during "those days." But this design may not be very comfortable for someone with fuller hips, because the panties may dig into your groin.

All EiVi panties feature patented double crotch with pockets, designed to hide the wings of your maxi pad. If you decide to wear the panties during your period, you will feel completely discrete and safe, even if you choose to frolic in your undies.

Even then, your sanitary napkin will remain hidden, so you can look classy and elegant.

Our period underwear is going to keep you leak-free, odor-free and panty-line free. Next time you are shopping for a new pair of period panties, consider Genial Day as an ecological, comfortable and cute alternative.

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