Free Period Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

Free Period Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s no secret: you can get a free period kit on our website and a lot of women have used this opportunity since we’ve introduced our products to the U.S. market. We believe that it’s very important for a woman to be able to try something as intimate as menstrual hygiene products before buying any larger quantities. 

We also happen to offer a period kit subscription service. That (plus a few less than honest companies offering a subscription of period necessities) have created a little bit of confusion and raised some questions. 

During the past few months, we have collected our free trial members’ feedback as well as questions of those who have reached out to us via social media or email and turned them into a Frequently Asked Questions list. We want you to be confident and comfortable when ordering your trial (or a subscription, for that matter)!

1) It says that the period kit is free, but there’s a $1.75 shipping fee. What gives?

Yes, it’s true that the trial kit itself is free (more about what’s included later). It’s also true that we charge $1.75 shipping fee. The fee is to cover shipping expenses and to get our products into the hands of women who are serious about trying them. It’s only human to take things we may not even use when they’re free… most of us are guilty of this, right?  We’re a small family owned company and all those trial orders we ship out every day add up…

2) Does ordering a free kit mean I’m automatically enrolled into your period kit subscription? Will my credit card be charged for more than $1.75 at some point?

Absolutely not! You’re only paying for shipping as indicated on your receipt. The kit is free, the shipping is $1.75, as simple as that. No small print, no auto-enrollment, no surprises, no need to call mysterious 800- numbers trying to cancel an unwanted subscription. 

3) What’s included in the trial period kit?

The free trial kit includes samples of sanitary pads and liners:

  • HEAVY FLOW PADS (2 Count)
  • COTTON LINERS (4 Count)

The above should get you through one period, provided your period is not exceptionally heavy. Remember that it’s OK to wear a Genial Day pad all day due to its enhanced anti-bacterial features: anion strip with semi-precious gemstone tourmaline. 

4) Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your website?

As safe as logging into your online banking account or shopping online with any major retailer. Currently, we offer two payment options: PayPal and credit/debit card processing via Stripe. PayPal's website is secure and encrypted. In fact, using PayPal might even be safer than giving your credit card number directly; you can keep that information in one place – at PayPal – instead of spreading it around everywhere you shop. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

5) I have tried other brands and I wasn’t impressed. I think I’m allergic to pads since I often get a rash or a vaginal infection. 

One of the most common reasons for various rashes and vaginal infections are menstrual hygiene products made with toxic materials and/or tainted cotton. Our pads are made of organic cotton and certified by Oeko-Tex® 100 and Made for Health® as hypoallergenic. In addition, Genial Day has been recently certified by The Leaping Bunny, the only internationally-recognized certification for cosmetics, personal care and household product brands which are not tested on animals. It’s extremely unlikely that you will experience an allergic reaction.

6) I’ve used up all the trial kit pads and liners. I love them all! I would like to order more. What are my options?

If you’re not afraid of a little bit of a commitment, the subscription is hands down the best deal. You can choose from pre-set options or build your own custom kit. One delivery should last you 4 months or more. You can cancel or modify your subscription anytime. Read this blog post to learn more about our subscription options. If you’re simply not into subscription services, you can buy any product that we carry a la carte: Anything from a single box of cotton pantiliners to a lovely combo of patent-pending period panties and a sports bra…

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