5 Reasons To Switch To Menstrual Cup Right Now

5 Reasons To Switch To Menstrual Cup Right Now

If you’ve been debating on whether or not to hop on the menstrual cup bandwagon, here are the top five reasons to make the switch.

Menstrual cups have only become popularized and considered a mainstream menstrual product in recent years. Though changing up the type of period product you use may feel strange at first, many people who use menstrual cups rant and rave about them.

A concern about leaking menstrual fluid in public is just one of the reasons menstrual cups have become more popular. Many women find them to be a leak-free alternative to traditional tampons and sanitary pads.

Menstrual cups are a pretty cool idea, but may not be the right period product for everybody. For example, some medical conditions, such as an imperforate hymen, can prevent people from using insertable products. However, if you can and want to make the change to menstrual cups, you may never use a tampon or pad again.

If you’ve been debating on whether or not to hop on the menstrual cup bandwagon, then keep reading! Here are the top five reasons to make the switch to menstrual cups.

#1 Super comfortable to wear

When you find the right menstrual cup, you won’t even feel it. Most women report that they don’t even sense the cup when it’s in place.

With a menstrual cup, you can forget about feeling “wet” or uncomfortable down there and feel as if you weren’t even menstruating!

Genial Day menstrual cup, like many others, can be worn during sports and other physical activities without any burden. Not to mention, there’s no risk of a string peeking out of your bikini bottoms at the beach, or getting a rash from sweating!

Your cup will sit comfortably inside you, making it completely comfortable and easy for you to do all your daily activities!

#2 Better vaginal health

The menstrual cup collects the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, therefore, it does not dry you out or interfere with your vaginal flora.

A menstrual cup is inserted like a tampon, but unlike pads and tampons, it is free from toxins, perfumes, and bleaches and leaves no fiber residues in the vagina.

This drastically decreases the risk of getting bacterial or yeast infections and rashes.

Cups don't contain latex, BPA, dye or other creepy additives. Not to mention, almost all tampons contain bleached rayon—a material that creates the possibly carcinogenic byproduct dioxin. Plus, that is BLEACH you're shoving up there.

Plus, cotton in tampons can strip your vaginal walls of naturally occurring lining, making your lady bits more susceptible to disease.

#3 High capacity

A normal tampon holds between six and nine grams of liquid. Menstrual cups beat both tampons and menstrual pads, hold from three to five times that amount, capable of up to one ounce (about 28 grams).

Tampons offer just eight hours before Toxic Shock Syndrome becomes a possibility. With menstrual cups, you can go up to 12 hours in between emptyings – which means you’re really only changing 2 to 4 times per day during normal flow, so the times you have to deal with it are less frequent. 

With a cup, you don’t have to worry about leaking or carrying around tampons with you. Longer wearing hours make it an especially great solution for women with heavy periods or long and busy days. Find out more about using the Genial Day cup on the go.

#4 Lighter on your budget

A 2015 research project found that Americans will spend an average of $1,733.33 on tampons in their lifetimes, and thousands of dollars more on period-related items like panty liners, new underwear due to stains, medication, and more.

Making the switch to menstrual products may not only make you happier but also your bank account.

Most menstrual cups, including Genial Day cup, cost around $30. Thus, buying even just one cup (about $30) a year will cost you much less than a box of tampons or pads each month.

Most producers recommend users keep their product for about a year but acknowledge that ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide when it is necessary to replace the cup. That can add up to some pretty significant savings over the course of a lifetime.

#5 Fewer visits to the pharmacy

Or at least you‘ll visit it only because it's time to update your nail polish collection.
Your menstrual cup can be worn at any time during your period, on your heaviest or lightest flow, and you can use it during the day and while you sleep. You won’t need other products tailored to particular flow needs.

Because a menstrual cup can last so long if you take care of it, you’ll never have a 7 am run to the store to get pads because you ran out last month and kept forgetting every time you went to the store.

Even if you replace your cup annually, that's 11 times fewer a year than if you used disposable products.

Menstrual cups are generally one-size-fits-all because they are flexible, but some companies (including Genial Day) offer varying sizes. There are even menstrual cups specifically made for people after childbirth.

All-in-all, menstrual cups are a great option if your tampons and pads just aren't cutting it anymore. Comfort during your period is key to conquering it, and menstrual cups are a super comfortable option — for your vagina, for your wallet, and for the earth. They may just be the period product for you.

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