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Our Build Your Own Subscription Box offers convenience, savings, and flexibility. Choose 9 boxes of period care items from pantiliners, regular flow pads or heavy flow pads. Mix and match in any way you want and enjoy healthier, more harmonious periods! 

    NEW Our revolutionary and innovative Genial Day organic pads with an anion strip can provide you best protection against leaks. They can make your period easy and comfortable as never before. In their yellow anion strip, we use tourmaline – a semi-precious mineral – to reduce unpleasant odor and bacterial growth. The tourmaline strip protects your intimate skin and reproductive system from any possible ailments caused by bacteria in the liners and pads and provides you with freshness and comfort. 


    - sensitive and/or allergy-prone skin;

    - vaginal infection(s) and/or inflammation(s);

    - heavy flow;

    - painful and/or irregular periods;

    - incontinence;

    - recent childbirth;

    - recent gynecologic surgery.

    • Our liners are dermatologically tested and eco-certified with Oeko-Tex® 100 and Made for Health®. Their materials do not contain harmful substances that might cause skin irritation.
    • They are gentle on your skin, contain no fragrances or scents, are chlorine-free, breathable, and have skin-friendly pH.
    • Superior absorbency: Genial Day produces the first organic pads that absorb up to 10 times more than other pads. Rothwell method test (ISO 11948-1) results show that our pads can absorb up to 122 g (4.30 OZ). 
    • Protection against leaks: side walls and 2 sticky wings can provide you with superior protection against leaks.
    • Due to Genial Day pads’ highest absorbency and protection from bacteria and odor, you will use fewer pads than those of other brands.