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Welcome to ModernLiving, I'm Kathy Ireland

- When evaluating options for feminine products, comfort is usually at the top of the list.

 Additionally more and more women are seeking out the peace of mind that comes from knowing their chosen products are free of toxic chemicals. GenialDay has made it their mission to offer innovative feminine hygiene products that are genuinely comfortable, support women's health and are safe for the environment.

 Founder and CEO Vilmante Markeviciute joins us today to share the story of this passionate family oriented company. Welcome Vilmante!

- Thank you for having me here, Kathy! 

- Vilmante, could you please talk about the challenges women face when looking for hygiene products that are healthy, environmentally, safe as well as comfortable

- It is hard to find something organic with good absorbency to protect from leaks and something what's comfortable.

There are women still having problems with their period pains and skin irritations. So I think this is the biggest challenge.

- Can you please tell us what kind of alternative is GenialDay providing women?

- GenialDay is providing best comfort ant most absorbent pads and liners, and it is eco-certified and made for Health-certified, which means no harmful substances in the pads.

Besides that, we employ a yellow strip which is the negative ion strip with tourmaline and silver, which protects women skin during the period from harmful bacteria, bad odor and provides better protection for your skin.

So thank you all for watching this very special video.

For all my friends, fans and customers who come to watch and visit with me every week, and those of you who may not have a clue of who I am, thank you for sharing a little of your afternoon with me.

Talk soon.

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