What we care about

We care about women’s health, relationships between mothers and daughters, and preservation of our mother nature. We care about all the fellow human beings and wish them to live in peace and harmony. We believe that even small things can bring about big changes if we work hard, stand together, and stay united. 

Our values

Honesty and respect for everyone. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Truthfulness. Truthfulness is the very basis for trust, and trust is of fundamental importance in every aspect of our life and business. We strive to promote trust between kids and their parents, between friends and acquaintances, customers and partners. 

Courage. The courage to try at doing something new. The courage to take responsibility for our own mistakes. The courage to challenge ourselves and do good work every single day.

Professionalism. We strive to learn something new every day, and to be true professionals in whatever we do.

Positivity. We seek to be positive and love life under any conditions. 

Our mission

Improving the way women and teenage girls feel about their periods in order to better the ways they perceive their bodies. Educating women about their health and the environment. Designing products that bring them comfort and peace of mind, and never, ever do harm.

Giving back

As a small, family-owned company, we must allocate our resources prudently. We work with a number of organizations whose mission align with ours.

Crisis Pregnancy Center in Vilnius, Lithuania, provides a wide range of services to women who become pregnant unexpectedly and have little to no support system. Here at Genial Day, we're proud to be able to support their mission by donating sanitary napkins for women in need, as well as providing financial support. 

Mother's Union in Vilnius, Lithuania, supports parents of children undergoing cancer treatment. Genial Day provides financial assistance for many of their projects. 

In addition, our volunteers provide puberty education for preteens and teens. Over the years, they have visited hundreds of schools and answered pressing questions about puberty and feminine hygiene, as well as donated over 500,000 sanitary napkins. In other words, we've made 50,000 periods go by easier and helped girls just entering womanhood feel more confident and live healthier, more fulfilling, lives. 

As of 2018, we've been working with the Woman's Choice Charitable Association whose mission is to to provide free and low-cost services and resources for women during their pregnancy and postpartum period.