My late grandma, who served in World War II as a nurse, left me the advice I've been following all my life:

"Be good to people no matter who they are, don't judge them, and you will never have to be sorry in your life."

As an entrepreneur,

For every 9 pads, liners or cups sold

Genial Day donates 1 package to a menstruator in need.

I’m a woman, mother, and wife who also happens to run an international business. I feel grateful and privileged to be able to help other women--mothers and daughters--in need. We’ve partnered with PERIOD.ORG, the world’s largest youth-run nonprofit that gives women access to the period products they need to feel confident and clean every menstruation cycle, no matter their income. 

Raising a Generation of Confident Teen Girls

Knowledge empowers.

We’ve donated over 50,000 sanitary napkins to local schools.

Keeping Families Together

Mothers’ Union

Supporting Pregnant Women



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