Safest Underwear for Women: Detoxing Your Fashion

Let’s talk about… underwear. What comes to your mind when you’re deciding which pair to wear? Is it the color (go hot pink!)? Style (cheekini, anyone)? Material (silk, please)? 

If you were to ask someone’s advice on this topic, who would that be? Is it your best friend? Your favorite fashion blog? Your boyfriend? Good luck with that – it would be thong day every day.

It turns out, you should probably start with your gynecologist. Especially if you suffer from constant unexplainable rash, yeast infections or general irritation down there. 

The external skin around your vagina is like regular skin, but a little bit more sensitive. So if you have material that irritates your skin, you might have minor inflammation to the area. If the contact with the said area continues every day, the irritation usually worsens. 

It's not just a skin issue, though. Your underwear is in close contact with one of the most amazing self-cleaning mechanisms in the world: your vagina. In order for it to be able to do its job, your underwear should be breathable. Yeast (and bacteria in general) thrives on moisture — so if you trap moisture in your fancy underwear, you're creating a prime breeding ground for an infection. 

Unfortunately, most of the synthetic fabrics, as well as silk, are not that breathable.

If you never experience any problems, like itching, rash or discomfort down there, then you can get away with wearing whatever underwear you want. However, if you get even an occasional skin irritation, your best bet is doing an inventory of your underwear drawer and making sure that it contains mostly cotton panties. Why? Because cotton is one of the most air-permeable fabrics; gentle to your skin and less likely to be a cause of irritation. 

You will earn bonus points with your lady bits if you choose underwear made of organic cotton. It’s estimated that over $2 billion is spent annually on pesticides to spray cotton crops and 94 percent of all U.S. cotton is genetically engineered. If you’re truly health conscious, you don't want any of that stuff near your most sensitive parts of your body.  

There’s also another reason why you should consider cotton underwear (especially certified organic cotton): pollution. 

When we think of pollution, we usually think of oil refineries and car-filled highways. However, the second largest polluter in the world is the clothing (textile) industry... second only to oil. 

Here at Genial Day, we’re trying to be part of the solution, not pollution. Our underwear factory is a member of the global eco-initiative called DETOX campaign by Greenpeace. It is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, also known as Oeko-Tex®100. 

Genial Day panties are made of 92% organic cotton, 8% Elastane and feature SILVERPLUS® finish. This highly effective silver ion technology inhibits the multiplication of odor-causing bacteria. Unique technology provides better hygiene, protection, freshness, longer use, and lower water/energy consumption since Genial Day underwear can be safely washed at lower temperatures.

So, what’s in your underwear drawer? It might be time to detox your fashion.



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